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Integral ecology is expressed through our way of acting, but even more so through our way of being in the world, with others, with ourselves. We must always ask ourselves how we live in our “common home” but above all how we live in our Humanity and our capacity to be Human.

Since ancient times, philosophers, great thinkers and spiritual writers have questioned what makes Man and what distinguishes him from the rest of Creation: his thought, his words, his actions, his quest for Truth, his ability to elevate his soul, his propensity to strive for happiness.

Through our Media & Humanity division, we wish to address this inner part of each of us. To help each person discover his or her talents, to become what he or she is, to accompany their desire to progress and to reach the absolute. Whether it is through professional training, the media, publishing or books, our participations aim to train and enlighten Man, all Man.

The Truth will set you free!

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